Jon Belec

Music surrounds us every day. It is often free to consume, but it takes years of education, experience, and ambition to create. 

Pete Frank Band
Playing at Flour City Station on 2/23/18

My hope is for this site to serve as a hub for students and professionals, creators and consumers, and anyone in between to share and learn about  audio engineering and music production.

As a father, musician, performer, producer, engineer, educator, legal enthusiast, and political advocate, I cover a lot of ground, but I do my best to stick to audio.  (Reading Supreme Court opinions is a passion of mine.)   As a creator, I always have things going on and I try to keep this up to date and share what is current, whether it's engineering, producing, or struggling to learn how to play the pedal steel guitar.  Please visit the Resources and Links pages, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas.

Stay tuned, let's share information and grow from one another the way learning is meant to be in the 21st century.  

Latest Events

Jon Belec

Producer, Audio Engineer, Educator

Lake Music Festival
We had a wonderful summer with Kevin Kumar and Amy Sue Barston.

Recording Cordancia
Ines Draskovic will be performing Prokofiev

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