The Rita Collective - Forty-One Seconds

Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

Xerox Supplies Service - The Grid

A1 recording engineer, foley, mixing and mastering

Vinyl Orange Ottoman -

When The Sun Falls Down


These are just a few of my recent works.  When I get more time (I'm in a rush to get this site up and running), I'll add more going back chronologically.  Eventually, I'll get to The Hit Factory days where many of my credits are of the Assistant Engineer variety.  While I did do plenty of work for the big stars, I'm the first to admit that it was mostly "grunt work" that rarely comes with credit.   Feel free to ask any questions and please, enjoy the artists below.  There is some great music here performed by very talented individuals.

Peter Donato - EP

Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

Vinyl Orage Ottoman 

C0-Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer

Jon Belec

Tom Davis - Flowers for Algernon

Recording, Mixing, Mastering